REVIEW: The Safe Place by Anna Downes

In brief: Emily has hit rock bottom. No job and soon nowhere to live – why wouldn't she jump at the chance to be an assistant to a family at a remote French location? But soon Emily realises that the family is locked in a prison of their own – and nobody can escape. The... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Better Luck Next Time by Kate Hilton

In brief: The adult daughters (and niece) of Lydia Hennessey, feminist icon, are making big changes in their lives that will rock the family. The good: It's funny and reads like your favourite TV show. The not-so-good: Why isn't this novel a TV show too? Why I chose it: Sounded like fun. Thanks to Allen... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Work by Joseph Heller

In brief: Life working at a company in the 1970s is kind of boring, but all-encompassing for Bob Slocum. The good: Excellent satire. The not-so-good: Sexist attitudes of the time. Why I chose it: Another of the Vintage Minis. Year: 2017 (originally published 1974 from Something Happened) Pages: 77 Publisher: Vintage (Penguin) Setting: New York,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Race by Toni Morrison

In brief: Excerpts from Toni Morrison's novels and an essay on race. The good: Great introduction to the author. The not-so-good: Extracts of novels left me a little confused at times (Who is this? Should I know about that?) Why I chose it: I'm a sucker for mini books and series, so Vintage Minis draw... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Heavy by Kiese Laymon

In brief: Kiese describes his life growing up in Mississippi as black and poor, and the struggles he faces. The good: Absolutely heart wrenching. The not-so-good: Why do people do such horrible things to other people? Why I chose it: Educating myself on Black Lives Matter – I saw this on many to read lists.... Continue Reading →

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