The Freudian Slip by Marion Von Adlerstein

A quick rundown… The advertising world in 1960's Sydney, told from the views of three women Strengths: 60's nostalgia Weaknesses: No real main character, ending is very open-ended for two of the major characters. Why I read it: Billed as 'Mad Men meets Paper Giants' (Australian miniseries on 1970s women's magazine, Cleo) Pages: 400 Published:... Continue Reading →

The Decision by Penny Vincenzi

A quick rundown… Set in the 1960s and 70s, this book plots the events leading to a marriage and then its downfall. Strengths: Always entertaining, varied characters and attention to detail. Weaknesses: The book is quite large and therefore quite heavy. Why I read it: I've enjoyed Penny Vincenzi's other works. Pages: 768 Published: 2011... Continue Reading →

The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes

In a nutshell… A heart wrenching love story in the 1960s. Strengths: Page turner, emotional read. Weaknesses: Very emotional read and the second main character is not as strong. Why I read it: ebook download from Net Galley Pages: 416 Published: 2010/2011 (different for different regions) Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, Penguin Group USA (depending on... Continue Reading →

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

I was given this book for Christmas as part of LibraryThing’s SantaThing (secret Santa book giving). Thank you kismoody, who recommended this book based on my library. CeeCee (or Cecelia) is a young girl with a tragic past. It’s 1960s America, and her mother is suffering from an unspecified mental illness, causing her to believe... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Mad Men by Will Dean

This book offers excellent coverage of the first three series of Mad Men. It contains episode synopses, a review and critique by the author, followed by points to note (eg. pop culture, timelines) and comments from the ‘typing pool’. The typing pool are comments from the author’s blog (on the Guardian website) and are very... Continue Reading →

Naked Cruelty by Colleen McCullough

Naked Cruelty is the third in a series starring Captain Carmine Delmonico, detective in the Holloman police in the 1960s. The first book was the excellent On, Off, a truly creepy thriller, followed by Too Many Murders that had me throwing my hands up in the air in despair at the conclusion. (It was good,... Continue Reading →

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