Top Reads for 2019

I simply cannot list my best reads for 2019 until the end of the year. What if I finish a really great book on December 29? (Plus, today is my birthday so I can do anything I want). Traditionally, I try to cull my list to ten but then I remembered that this is my... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Clergyman’s Wife by Molly Greeley

In brief: The life of Charlotte Lucas after her marriage to Mr Collins is respectable, but lonely. On meeting Mr Travis, a farmer, her life and heart become disrupted. The good: A great book for a Pride and Prejudice fan. The not-so-good: A quiet read (and I still find Mr Collins annoying). Why I chose... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Going Under by Sonia Henry

In brief: Kitty's first year of being a real doctor is full of ups, downs, love and laughter. The good: I really resonated with some of the statements made (good and bad). The not-so-good: Took me a little while to get into, had to finish before my own on call (otherwise nightmares happen, like Kitty's)... Continue Reading →

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