The Ladies of the House by Molly McGrann (audiobook)

In brief: The story of a seemingly unconnected group of women until the past is revealed – then they have one man (and a lot of money) in common. So how did it all happen? The good: I enjoyed listening to the back story of Rita (she's a crafty one). The not-so-good: Took a bit... Continue Reading →

The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham (audiobook)

In brief: Tilly Dunnage returns home to small Australian town Dungatar to look after her mother. She's exotic, and not to be trusted according to the townsfolk after a tragic childhood incident. But they have their own secrets… The good: Certainly surprising – I didn't think the narrative would go down some of the paths... Continue Reading →

Bared to You by Sylvia Day (audiobook)

In brief: Eva moves to New York City, and multimillionaire Gideon immediate falls for her, starting a relationship brimming with angst, pain and possibly love… The good: It's well written and Jill Redfield is fantastic as narrator (I bet she doesn't blush at anything!). The not-so-good: It's sparring/sex/sparring/sex etc. on repeat which I'm kind of... Continue Reading →

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