REVIEW:Trails in the Dust by Joy Dettman

In brief: The final book in the Woody Creek series follows Jenny, Georgie, Trudy and Cara as they battle their various demons. The good: Very detailed writing. The not-so-good: If you haven't read the other books in the series, it could be a bit confusing. Why I chose it: Haven't read Joy Dettman before –... Continue Reading →

Cover reveal: The Cinema at Starlight Creek by Alli Sinclair

Last year I really enjoyed Alli Sinclair's Australian historical fiction novel Burning Fields. Naturally I'm delighted to share that she has a new novel coming out later this year AND show you the gorgeous cover! Thanks Alli! I don't know about you, but one of my dreams is to look that elegant! Here's all about... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Lovesome by Sally Seltmann

In brief: Joni has a great life. Painting during the day and working in a restaurant at night. She's happy, until her whirlwind friend Annabelle comes home. Then everything changes… The good: It's honest and Joni is an eager character. The not-so-good: Joni is just too nice at times. Why I chose it: Sounded interesting... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Hot Pursuit by Rebecca Freeborn

In brief: Sarah Burrows is a lowly assistant on a gossip magazine, but dreams of an investigative journalist career. So when a rock star flees the country, she pulls some strings to investigate his disappearance… The good: Nick, the photographer, provides both laughs and eye candy. The not-so-good: Took me a few chapters to settle... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Cowgirl by Anthea Hodgson

In brief: Teddy's life is destined to be simple: live and work on the farm with her grandmother Deirdre. But then Deirdre announces a plan to dig up her old house with archaeologist Will and on digging up the past nothing is simple for either of them… The good: I really enjoyed the flashbacks to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Dirty by Kylie Scott

In brief: The first book in the Dive Bar series sees Lydia escape a doomed wedding only for down on his luck guitarist Vaughan to find her in his bathtub. Both need cheering up – this is definitely not something permanent…right? The good: I liked Vaughan in the Stage Dive series, so it's nice to... Continue Reading →

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