REVIEW: Compulsion by Kate Scott

In brief: Lucy’s life is hedonistic to say the least. She blows it all up to retreat to a small seaside town, but a lot of ways follow her. Can quiet Robin be the change she needs? The good: Lots of great music referenced. The not-so-good: A bit repetitive – party, music, sex, drugs, repeat.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Seeing Other People by Diana Reid

In brief: Eleanor and Charlie are sisters, and very different from each other. Over the summer, their relationships are going to become very messy. But will they get what they want? The good: Fascinating story. The not-so-good: None of the characters are particularly likeable, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Why I chose it: Really... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Love and Virtue by Diana Reid

In brief: Michaela and Eve are two young women starting university while living in a residential college. One drunken night will mean something very different to each of them… The good: Fantastic writing and story. The not-so-good: Would have loved to know more about Michaela’s life post-university. Why I chose it: Read many great reviews.... Continue Reading →

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