Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 25/9/17

Today's a holiday where I am, so I doubt I will even be awake when this post appears! I had a pretty busy weekend, including a trip to the Perth Royal Show. Always fun and always an opportunity to eat too much of something – this year it was gelato. Yum! For the rest of... Continue Reading →


The Walworth Beauty by Michele Roberts

In brief: A story across two time periods – Joseph, working as a researching for Henry Mayhew on the working class people of London; and Madeleine, a redundant lecturer who moves to Apricot Place to find the past lingering. The good: Michele Roberts' prose is beautiful. The not-so-good: Wasn't always convinced by Madeleine's feelings of... Continue Reading →

God is an Astronaut by Alyson Foster

In brief: Jessica's life unravels when her husband's space company has a tragic event. This is what happened, told in emails to colleague Arthur. The good: I enjoy books written in an epistolary structure. The not-so-good: It takes a little while to get going in terms of plot and getting to know Jessica. Why I... Continue Reading →

Terms and Conditions by Robert Glancy

In brief: Frank had an accident and has trouble remembering who he was beforehand. As the pieces fall into place, he realises that he's more than a 'terms and conditions' man. The good: So funny with many quotable quotes. The not-so-good: Occasionally lost track of which statement the footnote referenced. Why I chose it: Sent... Continue Reading →

Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

In brief: Hannah's idyllic marriage begins to crack when Mark doesn't return home one night. The subsequent ride is full of twists, turns and things nobody expected. The good: The plot makes some incredible hairpin turns that just can't be predicted, making the book impossible to put down. The not-so-good: Some may dismiss this as... Continue Reading →

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