REVIEW: Four Respectable Ladies Seek Part-time Husband by Barbara Toner

In brief: In a small Australian country town, four women are struggling post World War I. What they need is a part-time husband! The good: Interesting premise. The not-so-good: I found it difficult to separate the female characters in my head. Why I chose it: Sounded interesting, thanks to Penguin Australia for the copy. Year:... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Fall From Grace by Danielle Steel

In brief: Sydney thought the rest of her life would be uneventful, but when her husband dies suddenly things are turned upside down. The good: Always a cracking storyline with multiple hurdles for Sydney. The not-so-good: The cover is gorgeous, but doesn't really make a lot of sense until the very end. Why I chose... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Deep by Kylie Scott

In brief: Lizzy has always had a thing for Stage Dive's bass player Ben. But a night in Vegas leaves her pregnant and even more confused. Ben's not one to be tied down so Lizzy will manage the best she can, alone… The good: It's Stage Dive plus we get to see more of the... Continue Reading →

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