Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 13/2/17

Last week was odd in terms of weather! It’s meant to be summer, but we’ve had record rains, flooding and winter temperatures! Meanwhile, the rest of Australia is super-hot and dry. This week it looks like we will return to sunny and warm days. In a way, the unseasonal weather was great for reading.

I received several books in the mail over the last week (all lovely and dry!), many thanks to those who sent them:

The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland was from Pan Macmillan and the author. I love Lisa Ireland’s books, so I’m excited to get an early copy of her latest (out April). It’s about four women who bond on an online forum weight loss. Each of them has her own problems but are bonded by friendship as they realise that weight loss is not the key to happiness.

The Midsummer Garden by Kirsty Manning was a win from Bookstr and Allen & Unwin. Out April, it’s a novel with a dual timeline (1487 and 2014) across France and Tasmania. Artemisia is in charge of the kitchens at a large chateau, but her dreams are outside its walls. Who can she trust with her secret? Pip is trying to finish her studies and avoid making plans, but the gift of old copper pots joins her story with that of Artemisia’s.

Storm and Grace by Kathryn Heyman was a win from Allen & Unwin. It’s described as a literary thriller as a smitten Grace follows Storm to his Pacific Island. He teaches her to be a diver like him, but as Storm pushes Grace, she resists. What is she hiding?

(Not pictured – a copy of 4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster. Thanks Allen & Unwin!)

If you want to look at other books received, do visit the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies.

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Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 21/11/16

As of today I have a few days off, but it might be spent catching up on sleep! I’ve learned that there is a limit of 14-16 hour days I can do in a row, but I had a load of fun. I only read about 22 pages a day last week, so I didn’t finish any books. This week I also hope to take advantage of the various summer reading guides and discount days of bookshops.

Some fantastic people sent me some books to enforce proper R&R, which was a lovely treat. Thank you!

Paris Lights by C.J. Duggan was a surprise from Hachette. This book is out in December and looks brilliant as a summer (or any time, really) read. It’s about Claire who gets dumped in Paris but decides to take fate in her own hands by getting a job in a hotel restaurant. There she finds the slightly terrifying Louis Delarue, who isn’t going to be a flash in the pan…

The Slow Waltz of Turtles by Katherine Pancol (translated from the French by William Rodarmor) is the sequel to The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles. Josephine is divorced after her husband ran away to start a crocodile farm, but if that’s not enough, her sister has her entangled in some messy lies. Plus her neighbourhood is getting weird and creepy – but Josephine will push on, just like a turtle. Many thanks to Allen & Unwin and Bookstr for the ARC (available January 2017).

Daintree by Annie Seaton (released 29th November) is set in the rainforest of Queensland. Doctor Emma Porter has made a quiet life up north, which is disrupted when her first love comes to town. Add in people looking to exploit their peaceful world, and there’s going to be some drama! Thanks Pan Macmillan!

The Liberation by Kate Furnivall (out January 2017) in set in Italy, 1945. The country is devastated post war, and life is tough for Caterina in Naples. After her father is accused of treason, she will do anything to clear his name. It seems like there are just as many enemies after the end of hostilities… Thanks to Simon & Schuster.

Christmas Under the Stars by Karen Swan (released 29th November by Pan Macmillan) has a perfect Christmas setting, the Canadian Rockies. Meg and Mitch are planning their wedding in the snow but devastating events mean that Meg’s future changes in an instant. A voice on the radio seems to know her better than her friends, but how is this possible?

If you want to check other bookshelves, do drop by the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies. Overseen by Vicki (I’d Rather Be at the Beach), Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) and Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit), I’m sure you’ll find many books for the wish list!

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