Celebrations & Confetti at Cedarwood Lodge by Rebecca Raisin

In brief: Clio's left New York after a scandal to buy the deserted lodge of her childhood. As she and her team work to rebuild it, they find happiness and mystery in equal parts. The good: Rebecca Raisin's books are always feel-good – sparkles and happiness. The not-so-good: It's part of a series so I... Continue Reading →

The Little Antique Shop under the Eiffel Tower by Rebecca Raisin

In brief: Anouk hides in her antique shop, burned by a love affair turned toxic. A stranger in town offers promise, but is there a link with a number of antique thefts? The good: Anouk and her family are lovely, from scatty Lilou to her mum on the run. The not-so-good: Joshua, Anouk's ex is... Continue Reading →

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