Mailbox Monday 24/11/14

The previous week was quite tumultuous with a lot of things going on. I didn't get too much read and horror of horrors, I couldn't even finish my audiobook before I had to return it to the library! I'm hoping to have a more 'normal' week this week. I did receive some lovely prizes in... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 4/3/13

Holiday today, yay! (Although I did work last weekend, but still…) Today I'm planning to sleep in, read, catch up on blogs and write a few reviews. Even though it's meant to be autumn now, it's still warm so I'll probably laze around for the middle of the day. With a new month, we have... Continue Reading →

Homecoming by Cathy Kelly

Cathy Kelly is back on track in this latest heartwarming tale (is it just me or is she becoming more like Maeve Binchy as time goes on)? This is the type of book you can snuggle up with, a cup of tea and biscuits in one hand. It’s easy to read, the plot is interesting... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday 28/9/10

Another Tuesday, another teaser! I'm reading something a bit lighter this week - Homecoming by Cathy Kelly (still going on the Michael Palin's a hefty book!). A light Irish fiction, it centres around four women who live near each other. (You can't probably tell I'm not very far into this!) This teaser is from page... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 27/9/10

Yay for public holidays and the opportunity to sleep in! Now I have the opportunity to tell you what's landed on my shelves of late. Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia of The Printed Page and is now on tour at Bermudaonion's Weblog (love the name). Marcia states that "Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for... Continue Reading →

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