Austenland by Shannon Hale

A quick rundown… Jane enters a world she never knew existed – the opportunity to live like an Austen heroine and by wooed by her own Mr Darcy. Is real life ever as good as your dreams? Strengths: The premise of an 'Austenland' is something every Austen fan has wondered about. Weaknesses: It's a little... Continue Reading →

The Rules of Conception by Angela Lawrence

A quick rundown… Rachel is 35 and single. She wants a baby and she's prepared to do it alone. This is Rachel's quest for a child in between BioFathers, crazy bosses and a number of forces conspiring against her. Strengths: Unpredictable (the book didn't finish the way I thought it would), enlightening and entertaining. Weaknesses: What... Continue Reading →

Ruby Blues by Jessica Rudd

A quick rundown… The sequel to the wonderful Campaign Ruby. Ruby is now a member of the prime minister's staff with a whole new lot of problems to solve. Strengths: Absolutely hilarious. Bettina is the best supporting character. Ever. With sparkles. And colour co-ordinated stickers. Weaknesses: Not long enough for my sides to split completely.... Continue Reading →

Everything Changes But You by Maggie Alderson

A quick rundown… Hannah and Matt live happily in London with their children until a chain of events sees their lives turn upside down and their choices re-evaluated. Strengths: It's a warm, engaging story with interesting characters. Weaknesses: Kind of predictable ending (that I wanted to happen anyway). Why I read it: Christmas present! Pages:... Continue Reading →

In 5 Easy Steps by Lum Kit-Wye

A quick rundown… Elaine moves to Singapore after a failed relationship. In between work issues, hot young men and a missing maid, she's got her hands full! Strengths: Really funny in parts. Weaknesses: You can predict the ending – but it's still fun. Why I read it: Looked really well thumbed through in {prologue} bookshop (Singapore),... Continue Reading →

Original Sin by Tasmina Perry

A quick rundown…Unashamed fun chick lit – gorgeous men and women, a cosmetics empire and plenty of travel lead to one mighty read. Strengths: Fun, strong characters and a good storyline that sucks you in Weaknesses: Quite a few characters to keep track of at first Why I read it: Another $5 book sale Pages:... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

A quick rundown… Yes, you can tell a story that uses SMS/texts as a major form of communication. Chick lit with a punch, Kinsella's really improving. Strengths: Ability to turn something odd (finding a mobile phone in the bin) into a major plot and make it unputdown-able. Weaknesses: It has the ending you expected. Why... Continue Reading →

Scandalous by Tilly Bagshawe

A quick rundown… A scandal with her professor causes Sasha to desert the physics world and seek revenge. Strengths: Makes science sexy, interesting characters and a fast paced plot. Weaknesses: The thought of physics might put some off. There's very little science, I promise. Why I read it: Tilly's books are always entertaining. Pages: 406... Continue Reading →

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