Yes, Chef! by Lisa Joy

In brief: Becca is a working behind the scenes for once of the most famous chefs in Britain when she's asked to be his PA. Enter international trips and fancy dinners, but will she lose sight of what is really dear to her? The good: Lisa Joy has a fantastic writing style that transports you... Continue Reading →

Secret Santo by Carla Caruso

In brief: A cute Christmas novella involving a blogger, a party and some sexy authors. The good: Fun, cute and sexy! The not-so-good: I want more! Why I chose it: Thanks to Destiny Romance for the eARC. Year: 2014 Pages: 54 (eARC) Publisher: Destiny Romance Setting: Melbourne, Australia My rating: 9 out of 10 Ordinarily,... Continue Reading →

Star Attraction by Vanessa Stubbs

In brief: Madison's a serious reporter in need of a cover page worthy story. Interviewing movie star Jamie Hall is not what she's about. But sparks fly and the initial interview sends both of them off track… The good: Movie star drama and romance. The not-so-good: A little slow to start for me. Why I... Continue Reading →

Catch of the Day by Carla Caruso

In brief: Winnie reluctantly leaves Sydney to establish a niche magazine in country South Australia. In between getting 'scoops' from the locals, she starts to realise that big-city living isn't everything – is this due to Alex, handsome cray fisherman? The good: I really felt part of the world of Kingston SE and was sad... Continue Reading →

The Man Plan by Elise K. Ackers

In brief: Cora is determined not to spend Christmas alone. Hence, she devises a 'man plan' to find romance to the amusement of her neighbour, Matt. The good: It's a fun story that also has funny moments. The not-so-good: I seemed to visit the Melbourne location, and then it would appear in the narrative…freaky! Why... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 21/10/13

Wow, this previous week was busy. I didn't finish even a single book – a rare thing of me. I do have three books that are over the halfway point though. I've gone off buying ebooks in epub format after last week (not sure how long this will last), but I did buy a couple... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Love by L. J. Young

In brief: Indy's an out of work actor who doesn't have the perfect job, car, man or even handbag. When she's set up with her flatmate's brother, she finds a handsome stranger instead – who has a secret of his own. The good: The characters bounce off each other well with witty dialogue and I... Continue Reading →

(Romance) Books I’m Excited About

Usually, I pick new releases that I'm interested in each month. But coming away from the Romance Writers of Australia conference, I thought I'd share some of the books that I heard about at the conference. They're not necessarily new releases, but new to me. The Typewriter Girl by J.L. Jarvis From the author's blog:... Continue Reading →

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