REVIEW: District Nurse On Call by Donna Douglas

In brief: The second in the Steeple Street series. Agnes becomes the first nurse in the coal mining village of Bowden, but the locals don't want a nurse. The good: Really picked up as the strike hit and the drama increased. The not-so-good: First part wasn't terribly interesting, as Agnes doesn't show too much character.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Nightingale Christmas Show by Donna Douglas

In brief: It's the first Christmas since World War II finished and the staff of the Nightingale are finding their problems aren't over. Could the Christmas show bring them back together? The good: Lovely to catch up with some of the old characters like Matron and Violet. The not-so-good: Very little of Dora and it... Continue Reading →

Nightingales at War by Donna Douglas

In brief: Sixth in the Nightingales series as the Blitz descends on London, the nurses find the hospital in the crossfire. The good: Dora is back! The not-so-good: Jennifer (one of the new VADs) really irked me at first, as she was so flippant and self-centred. Why I chose it: Enjoying the series and I... Continue Reading →

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