By Her Side by Lizzy Chandler

In brief: Rory returns home from her travels to find her family in disarray – her grandfather is sick and her half-brother is missing. Could she be in danger too? Will Vince, a reluctant hero, be able to protect her? (Read more here). The good: Loved the multiple mysteries occurring and the friends to lovers... Continue Reading →

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Darla by Tracey O’Hara

In brief: A tender, heartfelt episode in the Sydney Housewives series. (Read more about the story here). The good: Poor Darla's been a big of a running joke for the dinner club – now she gets her turn in the spotlight. The not-so-good: The end of the series! Why I chose it: Really enjoyed this... Continue Reading →

Snowy River Man by Lizzy Chandler

In brief: Katrina and Jack had one night together, years ago. But when Katrina sees a missing boy in a dream, she knows she has to help find him. Reunited with Jack, sparks fly and the lies of the past come to the surface. (Read more here). The good: A gripping story with suspense, love,... Continue Reading →

The Curse by Jennifer Brassel

In brief: Seth is a descendent of Egyptian royalty, but his family has been broken by a curse over generations. Can Julia, his true love, help him break it or will her stalker finally take action? (More about the plot here). The good: Interesting premise, combining suspense and romance. The not-so-good: Why I chose it:... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Drought by Lisa Ireland

In brief: Jenna is a city girl through and through, but when she's persuaded to attend a ball in a country town, she realises not everything in the country is bad (especially not Luke Tanner). Read more about the story here. The good: Great characters, interesting storyline, action, romance and danger – all in one... Continue Reading →

Bespelled by Dani Kristoff

In brief: Elena is a half-witch but when she meets Jake to discuss her cousin's investments, a love spell goes horribly wrong… (Read more here) The good: A fun story with added magic. The not-so-good: I wouldn't mind learning the backstory of Grace (Elena's cousin). Why I chose it: Thanks to Escape Publishing; I'll also... Continue Reading →

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