E for England by Elisabeth Rose

In brief: Annie meets Hugh, her neighbour, when she's looking for her underwear. The unconventional meeting develops into friendship but neither is game to make the next move… The good: Very well written with humour and empathy The not-so-good: Waiting for Hugh or Annie to make a move! Why I chose it: Downloaded from Net... Continue Reading →

Life! Death! Prizes! by Stephen May

A quick rundown…The story of Billy, looking after his young brother alone after the untimely death of his mother. Strengths: Straight shooting book – no holds barred. Weaknesses: Wish it was longer L Why I read it: Bloomsbury kindly sent this to me – thank you! Pages: 245 Published: 2012 Publisher: Bloomsbury Setting: England Rating:... Continue Reading →

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

A quick rundown…What do you do when a parent is so badly injured that they won't recover? Let them go or give them time? Strengths: Picoult takes a topical situation and explores the potential options. Weaknesses: Characters can be a little wooden at times. Why I read it: ARC kindly sent by Allen and Unwin... Continue Reading →

Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer

A quick rundown…The story of Harry Clifton and his entanglement with the Barrington family. Part One of a trilogy. Strengths: Fantastic action and plot. Weaknesses: Hearing the same event from another character's point of view gets a bit boring. Why I read it: Enjoy historical fiction family sagas. Pages: 343 (ebook) Published: 2011 Publisher: Macmillan... Continue Reading →

April Fool’s Day by Bryce Courtenay

A quick rundown… The true story of Bryce's son, Damon who contracts HIV through a blood transfusion. Strengths: Very emotional and brutally honest. Weaknesses: Very sad. Why I read it: Present from my mother. Pages: 648 Published: 1994 Publisher: Penguin Australia Setting: Australia Rating: 9 out of 10. If you liked this, try: Holding the... Continue Reading →

Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence

A quick rundown… The story of a woman, her two sons and the everlasting ties between them. Strengths: A different way of approaching a story with three sequential protagonists; Paul is an amiable character. Weaknesses: Dragged for me in places. Why I read it: Have never read D.H. Lawrence before. Pages: 544 Published: 1913 Publisher:... Continue Reading →

Atonement by Ian McEwan

A quick rundown… A young girl's statement changes things for the rest of her family forever. How can she atone for her sin? Strengths: The different types of writing in each part, the raw desolation of the war. Weaknesses: The ending makes you want to immediately flip back to the front and start again. Why... Continue Reading →

All Together Now by Monica McInerney

A quick rundown… A collection of short stories and novella, Odd One Out. Strengths: Good to see the works collected together. Weaknesses: I'm still not a fan of short stories. I prefer novels. Why I read it: It was the only Monica McInerney book I hadn't read at the time. Pages: 288 Published: 2008 Publisher:... Continue Reading →

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