REVIEW:Trails in the Dust by Joy Dettman

In brief: The final book in the Woody Creek series follows Jenny, Georgie, Trudy and Cara as they battle their various demons. The good: Very detailed writing. The not-so-good: If you haven't read the other books in the series, it could be a bit confusing. Why I chose it: Haven't read Joy Dettman before –... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Love Song by Sasha Wasley

In brief: The third book in the series about the Paterson sisters focuses on GP Beth. Sturdy and dependable, her life is thrown into disarray when her first love comes back to town. The good: The return of the familiar setting and introduction of new characters. The not-so-good: Beth is not a risk taker, which... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Big Sky by Kate Atkinson

In brief: Jackson Brodie returns in this story of a sinister crime syndicate and its links to a historic case. If Jackson thought he was in for a quiet life by the seaside, he's very wrong… The good: Brilliantly plotted with memorable characters. The not-so-good: Because Kate Atkinson writes so well, I felt I needed... Continue Reading →

REVIEW:Blessing in Disguise by Danielle Steel

In brief: Isabelle has had an eventful life but has three beautiful – and incredibly different – daughters. But a chain of events sets off one more secret that needs to be revealed… The good: Isabelle's life is never boring – both heartbreaking and fascinating. The not-so-good: Perhaps the blurb gives away a bit too... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Room for a Stranger by Melanie Cheng

In brief: Meg is 75 and living alone. Andy is a university student needing somewhere to live. The pair find themselves living together, each with their worries and pressures and becoming unlikely friends. The good: This book is a beautiful illustration of how two different people can be very good for each other. The not-so-good:... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

In brief: Tiffy needs somewhere to live. Leon needs money. So, sharing a flat (and a bed) sounds like a good idea for night shift worker Leon and Tiffy. It's weird, never meeting your flatmate but somehow they get to know each other. The good: It's brilliant – funny, moving, sweet and a great idea.... Continue Reading →

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