REVIEW: Twist by Kylie Scott

In brief: It's a case of mistaken identity when Alex goes to meet the man she met online. But Joe has been using brother Eric's account…how can they reclaim the spark when he lied from the start? The good: Witty, funny and heartfelt. The not-so-good: Eric, you're still a tool. Why I chose it: Enjoy... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: The Fortress by S.A. Jones

In brief: Jonathon has come to The Fortress to try to save his marriage. For one year, he will submit to The Vaik and their ways. He will come out of the experience a changed man. The good: Imaginative, raw, blunt and eye opening. The not-so-good: Took me a little while to understand the Vaik... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

In brief: In an alternate future America, IVF and abortion are banned with embryos having the right to life. Four women in a small town grapple with this law in different ways. The good: Great premise. The not-so-good: The characters always felt too far removed from me. Why I chose it: Sounded different – I... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Cowgirl by Anthea Hodgson

In brief: Teddy's life is destined to be simple: live and work on the farm with her grandmother Deirdre. But then Deirdre announces a plan to dig up her old house with archaeologist Will and on digging up the past nothing is simple for either of them… The good: I really enjoyed the flashbacks to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Dirty by Kylie Scott

In brief: The first book in the Dive Bar series sees Lydia escape a doomed wedding only for down on his luck guitarist Vaughan to find her in his bathtub. Both need cheering up – this is definitely not something permanent…right? The good: I liked Vaughan in the Stage Dive series, so it's nice to... Continue Reading →

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