REVIEW: Seoulmates by Susan Lee

In brief: Hannah has always dissed her Korean heritage. After she gets dumped for not being into K-pop and dramas, her summer looks a lot different. Then former friend and K-drama superstar Jacob comes to stay… The good: Good fun. The not-so-good: Not really much in the way of subplots. Why I chose it: Christina... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Maame by Jessica George

In brief: Maddie is always there for her family – and they don’t return the favour. When Maddie spreads her wings, tragedy strikes. Can Maddie become her own person? The good: Sad, funny and well written. The not-so-good: I just wanted to keep reading and reading… Why I chose it: Sounded like an interesting read.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Compulsion by Kate Scott

In brief: Lucy’s life is hedonistic to say the least. She blows it all up to retreat to a small seaside town, but a lot of ways follow her. Can quiet Robin be the change she needs? The good: Lots of great music referenced. The not-so-good: A bit repetitive – party, music, sex, drugs, repeat.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Seeing Other People by Diana Reid

In brief: Eleanor and Charlie are sisters, and very different from each other. Over the summer, their relationships are going to become very messy. But will they get what they want? The good: Fascinating story. The not-so-good: None of the characters are particularly likeable, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Why I chose it: Really... Continue Reading →

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