REVIEW: These Impossible Things by Salma El-Wardany

In brief: Malak, Kees and Jenna were all best friends until one argument divided them. Now, as they forge their own paths in life they need each other’s friendship and forgiveness more than ever. The good: Three strong female characters doing their best. The not-so-good: Sometimes, these women were being unfairly treated by themselves or... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Mutual Friend by Carter Bays

In brief: Alice just wants to spend the summer studying for her entry exam for medicine. She didn’t count on the most tumultuous summer ever involving family, friends and her phone. The good: A lot of great characters, all with something fascinating happening. The not-so-good: For the first hundred pages, I really just wanted to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Ghost Lover by Lisa Taddeo

In brief: A collection of powerful, brutally honest short stories about women with no holds barred. The good: Lisa Taddeo dares to write what others don’t touch. The not-so-good: Would have loved a full-length story about any of these characters. Why I chose it: Always up for a great short story collection. Thank you to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Nightcrawling by Leila Mottley

In brief: Kiara is seventeen and at the end of her tether. She’s broke, about to be evicted and looking after her neighbour’s son. So she turns to the streets to make money, but becomes embroiled in police corruption. The good: Realistic and well written with glimmers of hope. The not-so-good: The characters’ lives are... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Guncle by Steven Rowley

In brief: Patrick is a fun uncle to his niece and nephew. But when he has to look after them for an entire summer after tragedy, things become more difficult. Not only do the kids need to face their grief, but Patrick needs to as well. The good: Fantastic story with both sparkles and tears.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

In brief: Lily Wilder runs treasure hunts in the wilds of Utah, after her beloved ranch was sold. Then her first and only love, Leo, appears on her tour. But this tour will be wilder than anything they can imagine… The good: New Christina Lauren with adventure! Romance! Riddles! The not-so-good: Sometimes the adventure got... Continue Reading →

Fever by Jonathan Bazzi

In brief: Jonathan has a persistent fever, which turns out to be HIV. As they go through the new changes in their life, they reflect on their youth. The good: Going into Jonathan’s past with all its emotions. The not-so-good: Sometimes I wanted more details about a particular insight into their life. Why I chose... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: All Adults Here by Emma Straub

In brief: When Astrid experiences a tragedy, she decides it’s time to come clean about a secret she’s keeping. But her grown children also have secrets they need to share… The good: The complex family story reminded me a little of Anne Tyler’s novels. The not-so-good: Took a while to warm to some characters. Why... Continue Reading →

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