REVIEW: The Rearranged Life of Oona Lockhart by Margarita Montimore

In brief: Every year, Oona wakes up in a different period of her life. Sometimes she's 19 in a much older body, and some years are painful to bear. The good: Quirky idea handled very well. The not-so-good: I want to hear more about Oona's years! Why I chose it: Felt like something a bit... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: House of Trelawney by Hannah Rothschild

In brief: Trelawney Castle and its inhabitants have been an institution in Cornwall for centuries. But now the castle is falling down and the family has run out of money. How will they react? The good: Very detailed with unique characters. The not-so-good: Sometimes a little too much detail and not enough action. Why I... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Trust Exercise by Susan Choi

In brief: A story in three parts about a group of teenagers at a high school focusing on theatre. What is true? What has been omitted? And what are straight out lies? The good: Brilliant writing evokes great images. The not-so-good: The second part had me confused in places. Why I chose it: It won... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

In brief: Dannie has it all sorted for the perfect life plan. But a weird dream five years into the future has her questioning why it seems to have fallen apart… The good: Not the story you were expecting. The not-so-good: Initially I thought Dannie was going to be the most annoyingly perfect character in... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Here We Are by Graham Swift

In brief: Ronnie, Evie and Jack all worked in the theatre on the pier at Brighton in 1959. It was a life changing summer for them all. The good: Fascinating story with each character's history revealed gradually. The not-so-good: Fairly quick read (although you will want to savour the words). Why I chose it: That... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Riptides by Kirsten Alexander

In brief: Abby and her brother Charlie cause an accident one night. They make the decision to say nothing, but their secret begins to haunt them straightaway. The good: I could feel the humidity seeping through this book as the siblings are caught in their lies. The not-so-good: It was incredibly humid weather reading this... Continue Reading →

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