REVIEW:The Girl on the Page by John Purcell

In brief: Amy is an editing genius but when her new boss asks her to force a commercial novel from a literary great, it challenges even her. The good: it's fun – loud, honest and brash. The not-so-good: The ending – so unexpected! Why I chose it: Thank you to Harper Collins for the ARC.... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: The Book of Ordinary People by Claire Varley

In brief: The story of five ordinary people in Melbourne – their heartache, worries and pain. The good: Very sensitively written. The not-so-good: The majority of the story is not happy. Why I chose it: Thank you to Pan Macmillan for the copy. Year: 2018 Pages: 407 Publisher: Pan Macmillan Setting: Melbourne, Australia Rating: 8... Continue Reading →

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