REVIEW: The Confession by Jessie Burton

In brief: Connie and Elise meet in 1980 and Elise immediately falls under her spell. But thirty years later, Elise's daughter Rose wants to find out what happened to her mother. Does Connie know? The good: It's riveting. The not-so-good: These characters know how to hurt each other. Why I chose it: Thank you to... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Waterloo-City, City-Waterloo by Leanne Shapton

In brief: This novella in the Penguin Lines series looks at the conversations, interactions and pastimes of those on the Tube. The good: Cool idea. The not-so-good: No real sense of closure – a bit like every eavesdropped conversation I suppose! Why I chose it: Part of the Penguin Lines series celebrating 150 years of... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Warehouse by Rob Hart

In brief: In a future America, people are too scared to go out to shop. Fortunately, Cloud takes care of their every need. New employee Paxton wants revenge while Zinnia is working for someone else. But is Cloud as pure as its name? The good: Very original and inventive. The not-so-good: I would have liked... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Going Under by Sonia Henry

In brief: Kitty's first year of being a real doctor is full of ups, downs, love and laughter. The good: I really resonated with some of the statements made (good and bad). The not-so-good: Took me a little while to get into, had to finish before my own on call (otherwise nightmares happen, like Kitty's)... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

In brief: After the death of their company's CEO, four women aren't eager for their boss to take over. He's always been a bit off and the whispers that surround him are getting a lot louder. This time they won't keep quiet. The good: Excellent style and story. The not-so-good: The major female characters aren't... Continue Reading →

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