The Walworth Beauty by Michele Roberts

In brief: A story across two time periods – Joseph, working as a researching for Henry Mayhew on the working class people of London; and Madeleine, a redundant lecturer who moves to Apricot Place to find the past lingering. The good: Michele Roberts' prose is beautiful. The not-so-good: Wasn't always convinced by Madeleine's feelings of... Continue Reading →

Angel’s Share by Kayte Nunn

In brief: Mattie has the job and life in London she thought she wanted until a freak accident destroys it all. Could coming home to Australia heal more than her physical wounds? The good: A lovely story with plenty to interest the reader. The not-so-good: I need to go back and read Rose's Vintage now!... Continue Reading →

The Power by Naomi Alderman

In brief: On the Day of the Girls, the world changed forever. Power was given to the women, who knew how to use it…right? The good: Fascinating idea that examines the use and abuse of power by the sexes. The not-so-good: A little too much shocking and not enough movement at the start. Why I... Continue Reading →

Girl in Between by Anna Daniels

In brief: Lucy's home back home to Rockhampton, and life is a bit more than messy. With her madcap friend Rosie, can she work out what she wants and how to get there? The good: So funny and so Australian! The not-so-good: Poor Joe, I quite liked him. Why I chose it: It sounded like... Continue Reading →

Talk of the Town by Rachael Johns

In brief: When Lawson and son Ned get a flat tyre in a deserted country town, the last thing they expected was to find a woman living there alone! Can Megan and Lawson mend each other's hearts? The good: It's Rachael Johns! Plus, there's ice cream, love, hope throughout the book with a mystery added... Continue Reading →

Those Pleasant Girls by Lia Weston

In brief: Evie's nearly broke as her divorce looms. She and daughter have one option – return to the town of Evie's childhood to capture the eye of her childhood friend. Only Evie isn't really welcome in town…. The good: It's a quirky story that captures the issues of a small town. The not-so-good: Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Storyland by Catherine McKinnon

In brief: The story of Australia across different time periods and through the eyes of different characters. The good: Beautifully written with a love of the land. The not-so-good: The future as painted in this book is way too realistic – and scary. Why I chose it: Thank you to Harper Collins for the copy... Continue Reading →

Finding Hannah by Fiona McCallum

In brief: Christmas is Hannah's favourite time. But on Christmas Day her world is blown apart. How can she move on? The good: Very realistic look at grief. The not-so-good: It's not a happy book. Why I chose it: Enjoyed Fiona McCallum's other books. Thank you Harlequin for the copy. Year: 2017 Pages: 351 Publisher:... Continue Reading →

London Bound by C.J. Duggan

In brief: Kate was planning to go to London to take on the city. She didn't expect to be a virtual prisoner in her nana's house. But when next door neighbour Jack Baker nearly runs her down, things start to change for the better… The good: So much – Jack. London. Fashion. Even grumpy Nana... Continue Reading →

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