REVIEW: The Desert Midwife by Fiona McArthur

In brief: Ava meets Zac and sparks fly. But an accident changes the future they had planned. Can Ava and Zac get back to what they had or is it only a memory? The good: The attraction between Zac and Ava. The not-so-good: Some very sad moments. Why I chose it: Never pass up an... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 8/7/19

Last week? What was that? I don't remember a lot about it except that I probably drank too much coffee and ate too much chocolate. The postie and publishers were very kind to me: I received my Penguin Love Between the Pages box for July – such a happy orange colour which brightened my day!... Continue Reading →

More of my favourites from 2018

Yesterday I published my list of my most memorable reads from 2018. In the name of more great reads, I'm following the lead of Australian radio station Triple J. They broadcast their Hottest 100, followed by 101-200 the following day. I'm not sure what to call this list, other than books you should check out!... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Baby Doctor by Fiona McArthur

In brief: Sienna Wilson doesn't want to leave her high flying obstetrics director position to investigate birth defects in remote Queensland, but needs must. Especially when they come with Sergeant McCabe to help out… The good: This book has everything you need and then some – drama, romance, friendship and happily ever after. The not-so-good:... Continue Reading →

Heart of the Sky by Fiona McArthur

In brief: A new job in the Outback is just what Tess needs to escape from her life. Her landlord Soretta welcomes the newcomers with open arms, until new pilot Charlie reveals his ulterior motive… The good: I enjoyed reuniting with Soretta and the gang from Mica Ridge, as well as following Tess's role as... Continue Reading →

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