Heart of the Sky by Fiona McArthur

In brief: A new job in the Outback is just what Tess needs to escape from her life. Her landlord Soretta welcomes the newcomers with open arms, until new pilot Charlie reveals his ulterior motive… The good: I enjoyed reuniting with Soretta and the gang from Mica Ridge, as well as following Tess's role as... Continue Reading →

The Homestead Girls by Fiona McArthur

In brief: Five women in Mica Ridge are missing something in their lives and as housemates on a station homestead, they'll find what they were missing. The good: Gentle story blending medical fiction with friendship and a touch of romance. The not-so-good: Perhaps too gentle in places? Why I chose it: Thank you to Penguin... Continue Reading →

Red Sand Sunrise by Fiona McArthur

In brief: The story of three women, bound by blood but with little knowledge of each other, who find themselves in the outback town of Red Sand to improve the health of the community. The good: It's fun, sad and happy – but most of all compulsive reading. The not-so-good: The sad bit is really... Continue Reading →

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