Guest Post: Fleur McDonald, author of Sapphire Falls, talks Christmas traditions

Today I’m delighted to welcome Fleur McDonald to Sam Still Reading. Fleur is the author of Sapphire Falls, which I would have read by now had I not shown it to my mother, who promptly took off with it to read. (She says it’s brilliant with unexpected twists and turns by the way). Fleur is talking about Christmas traditions today, so I’ll stop typing and let her take over. Many thanks Fleur!

Christmas Traditions

By Fleur McDonald

Well here we are at that time of year again… The Festive Season. Or is does this line make you want to scream?

My local supermarket has been decorated with tinsel and Santa’s for the last three weeks – much to my horror. Has anyone got ANY idea HOW much I have to do between now and Christmas? I’m sure you’re all the same.

Then there’s the dreaded Christmas present shop… What to get everyone, do you put a price limit on so on and so forth.

We all live in such an instant society I think the Christmas Wish List we had when I was a kid, is a thing of the past. Especially when I ask my kids what they want and they can’t tell me.

I always had a huge Christmas Wish List. It consisted of… wait for it, I’m sure you’ll die of shock!

Books and Earrings.

True! That’s all I ever wanted. Father Christmas would load my sack up with around four or five books every year, plus a few little incidentals like blank tapes so I could record music from the radio (yes, that’s showing my age isn’t it!) Then under the tree would be a small parcel that contained earrings.

*Sigh * Happiness abounds!

I’m still really easily pleased – books. Although I have so many earrings now, I don’t need any more!

My Christmas wish list is the new Michael Connelly and Lee Child books. Do you have books on your list?

(At the risk of being VERY forward, Sapphire Falls will be out in time to make a great Chrissie present!)

The best thing about books, as any mum will know, is they don’t require batteries. Now there’s a whole different topic! Am I the only one who, when my kids were small, went to the shops before the big day and bought different types of batteries in anticipation of the noisy, ridiculous presents that people WITHOUT kids give to our children? The kids have a fabulous time ripping off the wrapping before ending in tears because there are no batteries with the present and it can’t make as much noise as it has the potential to…

Well, as December bears down on us, my wish for you all during this time is that you all experience love and laughter. You enjoy your family, the traditions you’ve made. Maybe even make some new ones.

Wishing you all a Merry (reading) Christmas and wonderful, safe, healthy and happy 2017.

Sapphire Falls by Fleur McDonald is published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $29.99, available now.

You can find Sapphire Falls for purchase here:

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Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 17/10/16

And another Monday rolls around…I’m looking forward to some warm weather! Last week wasn’t super exciting but I did manage to read nearly two books. That’s pretty good for me at the moment!

I received two books in the mail which both look great – should sustain me while I don’t have time for shopping. (Plus, the library is refusing to reserve any books for me online until I present myself physically to prove I exist!)

Thanks to Allen & Unwin for the beautifully wrapped copy of Fleur McDonald’s
Sapphire Falls
(out 26th October). This is a rural Australian story about Fiona, who is devastated after the loss of her husband and his mate. But when a detective arrives in town, he finds there may be more to it as Fiona deals with a number of issues on the farm. Will they both get what they want?

The cute cover belongs to We Were on a Break by Lindsey Kelk (thanks Harper Collins). This story looks fun as Adam and Liv battle through an accidental break up – how does this differ from a split? Can they see other people? Do family and friends have the right to offer their opinions? But most importantly, what do Liv and Adam want?

If you want to check other bookshelves, do drop by the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies. Overseen by Vicki (I’d Rather Be at the Beach), Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) and Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit), I’m sure you’ll find many books for the wish list!

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