My Memorable Reads of 2017

I started this post a few days before by writing down all my favourite reads of the year. My criteria is simple – which books have stuck in my mind and/or make me exclaim with delight when I see their cover again. The original list stood at 22 – 27.5% of my total books read!... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin

In brief: Aviva was involved in a Clinton/Lewinsky affair (complete with blog entries) and disappeared. But when she runs for local mayor, secrets are revealed, affecting her daughter Ruby. The good: A unique way of telling a story from those who know Aviva/Jane. The not-so-good: Blitzed through this as it was so compelling! Why I... Continue Reading →

Leaving Ocean Road by Esther Campion

In brief: Ellen is at a loss after the death of her husband. But when her first love Gerry appears at her home in Australia, she begins to heal even though his presence brings to the fore some long held secrets… The good: Beautiful combination of settings and loved the Irish sayings. The not-so-good: Some... Continue Reading →

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