Living the Dream by Lauren Berry

In brief: Clem and Emma aren't exactly where they wanted to be at the end of their twenties. Still trying to chase their dream jobs and dream lives, will they ever make it or accept the status quo? The good: Loads of fun and realistic! The not-so-good: I devoured this in 24 hours. Why I... Continue Reading →

Theft by Finding by David Sedaris

In brief: David Sedaris' diaries in all their glory. 'Nuff said. The good: It's raw, funny, crazy, quirky…all of the things. He's an astute observer who overhears and gets into the most random of scenarios…I love it all. The not-so-good: I can never get enough David Sedaris. Why I chose it: Thank you to Hachette... Continue Reading →

Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett

In brief: Today is the day that Cass Wheeler reflects on her career in music, choosing the 16 tracks that define her. It's a reflection on her life, the good, bad, painful and beautiful. The good: The emotion. The writing. The songs. Everything! The not-so-good: Cass's pain is tangible at times…I've never felt so much... Continue Reading →

The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor

In brief: After Maeve was bitten by a shark, she turned sharks into her career and passion. Now she's 30 and back home again. When she runs into her ex-fiancé's daughter on the beach, it brings up old memories. Old or new? Stay or go? The good: It's fun and quirky. The not-so-good: The ending... Continue Reading →

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