Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 1/2/21

Last week was great for parcels! (No time for shopping). Close to Home by Janet Gover (available 3rd February) arrived from Harlequin. Alice loves her small town and wants to keep it exactly as is – until Lucienne and her grandson Simon come to town. There’s a chemistry between Simon and the new school teacher,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Inheritance of Secrets by Sonya Bates

In brief: Juliet's grandparents have been murdered and now she and her sister are being targeted. Could it be true their loving grandfather holds the key to a Nazi secret? The good: Very strong debut novel. The not-so-good: I found the end a little over the top (but then aren't all good thrillers?) Why I... Continue Reading →

Top Reads for 2019

I simply cannot list my best reads for 2019 until the end of the year. What if I finish a really great book on December 29? (Plus, today is my birthday so I can do anything I want). Traditionally, I try to cull my list to ten but then I remembered that this is my... Continue Reading →

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