Mailbox Monday 10/8/15

It seems like winter has returned with a vengeance here! Still, it was a good excuse to trek around some bookshops for National Bookshop Day on Saturday. Of course I bought several books, but first, what actually arrived in the letterbox this week… Thanks to Hachette Australia, Penguin UK and Goodreads and I had two... Continue Reading →

Exciting new book releases for August 2014

I can't believe it's August already! That means there a whole month of exciting new releases to add to my wishlist (thank goodness for the internet, otherwise my notebooks would be overflowing). Here are the books I've picked for the month that I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on. Please note that all... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 18/2/13

Wow, last week was such a busy week that it just flew by! I did have some fun though and met the author Rachael Johns at a library event. It was incredibly interesting! I also ate a lot of good food and then did some overtime to pay for the good food…and good books! I... Continue Reading →

1Q84 (Books 1 & 2) by Haruki Murakami

A quick rundown… The story of two seemly unconnected people in Tokyo in 1984 and the mysterious things that are taking place. Strengths: Absolutely fantastic writing that captures the heart and imagination; the story will remain with you long after you've finished. Weaknesses: The ARC copy I had occasionally repeated extraneous details. Why I read... Continue Reading →

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