REVIEW: The Last Hours by Minette Walters

In brief: It's 1348 and the Black Death has just entered English. Lady Anne of Develish plans to fight it, by barricading her people within its walls. Will it work? How will the people know when to come out? The good: Lovely to read a Minette Walters book again. She's a skilled writer who can... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: From the Wreck by Jane Rawson

In brief: George survives a shipwreck in 1859, but struggles with his life afterwards as an otherworldly creature becomes part of the family, whether he likes it or not. The good: The writing is beautiful, evocative and enigmatic. The not-so-good: The scientist in me tried too hard to figure out a plausible explanation for the... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Thorns by Kate Forsyth

In brief: The Pre-Raphaelites artists wanted to change the world with their ideas of beauty and love. Their real lives were not quite as beautiful. The good: Learned a lot of history and a good story. The not-so-good: Some pretty convoluted relationships here (thanks history). Why I chose it: Thank you to Penguin Australia for... Continue Reading →

Jarulan by the River by Lily Woodhouse

In brief: Matthew Fenchurch is distraught after his son's death. When his daughters arrive to visit the memorial, they set in place a change of events for Jarulan… The good: Beautiful writing and I wish I could see the house! The not-so-good: The ghost bits didn't work too well for me. Why I chose it:... Continue Reading →

Hello, Goodbye by Emily Brewin

In brief: May lives in a small Aussie country town, but wants more. Visiting her boyfriend in Melbourne opens her eyes to a new world, but things are about to get a lot more difficult… The good: Captures a time period in Australia that isn't talked about too much. The not-so-good: Couldn't stop reading! Why... Continue Reading →

The Duchess by Danielle Steel

In brief: Angelique knew that her brother wouldn't take care of her after her father's death, but she didn't expect to go from duke's daughter to servant. After an unfortunate event, Angelique finds business and life in Paris. But will she always be on the fringe? The good: It's got everything you want in a... Continue Reading →

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