REVIEW: The Women’s Pages by Victoria Purman

In brief: It’s the end of World War II and everyone is ready to celebrate. But for Tilly and her friends, it’s a time of loss – of family and their jobs. The good: A lot of historical detail. The not-so-good: Sometimes a bit heavy on the historical detail. Why I chose it: I enjoy... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Finding Eadie by Caroline Beecham

In brief: Alice is doing well at Partridge Press in WWII London when she suddenly leaves. But her plan to raise her baby is in ruins after her mum intervenes. So it’s back to work with a secret mission to find the truth… The good: Enjoyable setting in a publishing house during war rationing. The... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

In brief: Desiree and Stella are twins, but after they leave home at 16 everything separates. Desiree returns home with her black daughter; Stella marries a white man and passes for white. But when their daughters meet, the truth becomes complicated. The good: Brilliantly written with memorable characters. The not-so-good: This book has given me... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Paris Secret by Natasha Lester

In brief: Told across two time periods, this story of secrets, war and a mysterious blue dress explores the hidden parts of World War II. The good: Fantastic story with fascinating characters. The not-so-good: Liberty needed some sense shaken into her several times. Why I chose it: Natasha Lester's novels are wonderful to read anywhere,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Operator by Gretchen Berg

In brief: Vivian is a switchboard operator in Wooster, Ohio in the 50s. She enjoys listening in on conversations until she hears something incredibly shocking about herself. How can she fix this and hold her head up high? The good: The 1950s are brilliantly portrayed. The not-so-good: Bit uneven and I had to concentrate to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Girl in the Painting by Tea Cooper

In brief: Elizabeth Quinn and her brother Michael are pillars of the town of Maitland. When Elizabeth becomes unwell at an exhibition, their ward Jane knows something isn't right. What was it that caused Elizabeth to fall back into the past? The good: Lovely historical story with added mystery. The not-so-good: Some of the characters... Continue Reading →

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