Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: Christmas edition 30/12/19

The festivities are almost over and things will return to normal eating, sleeping and socialising hours soon. Here's what I received for Christmas, loads of good reads: Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams is an interesting story of a potential romance played out through ads in the newspaper – Daniel notices Nadia on the train... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Grand Tour Guide to the World

In brief: The companion book to the first series of The Grand Tour, involving three middle aged men, some cars and the world. (Please say the last part in Jeremy Clarkson's voice). The good: It's Clarkson, Hammond and May back together. The not-so-good: Occasionally falls a bit flat. Why I chose it: Cars, explosions, craziness…plus... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 3/8/15

Thanks everyone for your kind words last Monday – I'm slowly getting better (perhaps helped by the need to search for the new Murakami on the weekend). I did have a better week in terms of deliveries, all that lying around may have inspired an order or two… (Click on the titles for a link... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 27/7/15

This really hasn't been the best of weeks, passing by in a blur of pain-addled and sleep-deprived haze. I didn't receive any parcels in the mail and I didn't do much reading. Hopefully, things will improve this week. My kind mother did buy me a book, one that is apparently out of print but found... Continue Reading →

How Hard Can it Be? By Jeremy Clarkson

A quick rundown… The World According to Clarkson Volume 4 – full of grumpy, yet witty and strangely sensible observations. Strengths: Very funny, and Clarkson knows how to take things to extremes. Weaknesses: Readers of his newspaper columns may have already read these. Why I read it: Have read the other three books and I... Continue Reading →

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