Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 29/6/20

I've been doing a lot of moving of books around the house due to painting and wow, they can be a great workout. I've rediscovered a lot of fantastic ones to read, but which one first? I received one book in the mail and bought two as this windy picture shows: Stars Over the Southern... Continue Reading →

Dust of the Land by J.H. Fletcher

In brief: Historical fiction, looking at Bella Tucker's life – from illegitimate child to iron ore magnate. The good: Always something happening, with twists and turns – not your average historical saga by any means. The not-so-good: Dates would have been useful for jumping in between past and present. Why I chose it: Thank you... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 19/5/14

The previous week has been incredibly busy for a couple of reasons and I've been trying to catch up all weekend. It was lovely to spend some time on Sunday looking at the parcels that had come in over the week and just chill. Hopefully I'll get to sit and read some soon – I... Continue Reading →

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