City of Friends by Joanna Trollope

In brief: Stacey, Gaby, Melissa and Beth have been friends since their first economics class. On the day Stacey loses her job, the secrets and lies between the four begin to unravel. The good: Each character is unique with a completely different set of problems. The not-so-good: Stacey, you need to talk more! Why I... Continue Reading →


Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 5/12/16

Hi December. You certainly came in with a busy rush! It looks like parties, lunches and dinners are only going to increase in frequency for the next few weeks…hence not a lot of time today to tell you the books I received. Let's just stick with the books I actually got through the post! City... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 2/12/13

Finally December! This is going to be a busy (but hopefully enjoyable) month with Christmas and my birthday. It also means my holidays are over and it's time to go back to work. I did have a lot of fun though! Rose City Reader is our Mailbox Monday host this month. Mailbox Monday was started... Continue Reading →

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