Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 20/5/19

It's still autumn but it's incredibly cold here. I've been drinking warm drinks a lot (five cups of coffee yesterday) but my nose and feet are still cold! Whatever I can do outside in the sun, I'm doing. I was really lucky and received six books in the mail (all with pretty blue/gold covers) last... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Botanist’s Daughter by Kayte Nunn

In brief: Anna chances across a mysterious metal box in her grandmother's house, sending her across the world just as Elizabeth did in the late 1800s. How are their stories linked? The good: I loved the mystery and the way the chapters from alternate time periods linked together. The not-so-good: Sometimes I wanted more of... Continue Reading →

Angel’s Share by Kayte Nunn

In brief: Mattie has the job and life in London she thought she wanted until a freak accident destroys it all. Could coming home to Australia heal more than her physical wounds? The good: A lovely story with plenty to interest the reader. The not-so-good: I need to go back and read Rose's Vintage now!... Continue Reading →

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