REVIEW: Chaser by Kylie Scott (Dive Bar #3)

In brief: The third in the Dive Bar series told from Eric's point of view. He's always been a no strings attached anytime man, but now he's met Jean. Who just happens to be about to have a baby… The good: I wasn't confident Eric could be redeemed, but Chaser shows that there is a... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Twist by Kylie Scott

In brief: It's a case of mistaken identity when Alex goes to meet the man she met online. But Joe has been using brother Eric's account…how can they reclaim the spark when he lied from the start? The good: Witty, funny and heartfelt. The not-so-good: Eric, you're still a tool. Why I chose it: Enjoy... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Dirty by Kylie Scott

In brief: The first book in the Dive Bar series sees Lydia escape a doomed wedding only for down on his luck guitarist Vaughan to find her in his bathtub. Both need cheering up – this is definitely not something permanent…right? The good: I liked Vaughan in the Stage Dive series, so it's nice to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Deep by Kylie Scott

In brief: Lizzy has always had a thing for Stage Dive's bass player Ben. But a night in Vegas leaves her pregnant and even more confused. Ben's not one to be tied down so Lizzy will manage the best she can, alone… The good: It's Stage Dive plus we get to see more of the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Play by Kylie Scott

In brief: The second book in the Stage Dive series focuses on the drummer of the rock band, Mal, and his need for a fake girlfriend. The good: So much fun! Sassy and sexy. Plus drummers. The not-so-good: I read this so quickly, I couldn't get enough of Mal. Why I chose it: As Kylie... Continue Reading →

Lick (Stage Dive #1) by Kylie Scott

In brief: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – unless you happen to wake up married to one of the hottest rock stars in the world. Welcome to Evelyn's life. The good: It's different to the books I've read recently – youthful and decadent. The not-so-good: I must be getting old because sometimes Evelyn's... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 26/1/15

Today is Australia Day Down Under, marking the arrival of the First Fleet from England in 1788. There are different thoughts on this subject as to the appropriateness of the date and how the Australian Aboriginal people (who were here way before the British) should be included. But let's not get too serious here –... Continue Reading →

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