Sam Still Reading’s Books of the Year: Part 1 (pre-2015)

I always have a difficult time choosing my favourite books of the year. There are just so many variables in what makes something a favourite for me- is it that I can still remember the plot and characters in detail? Have I recommended the book to all and sundry? Did it make me feel happy... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Commute Audiobooks with Audible Australia

You may have noticed the odd audiobook review creeping on to Sam Still Reading lately. I used to read a lot on public transport, but now my commute is shorter if I drive. Unfortunately, this meant no reading. But the upside is that I can listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks also have the benefit of having... Continue Reading →

My Picks for New Books in October 2014

Yep, it's that time again! October means a book bonanza with Christmas around the corner (it's already in the shops). So here is my wishlist for awesome sounding books released this month in Australia. If you're elsewhere, you may have to wait or you may be lucky to already have access to them. The publishers... Continue Reading →

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