Sam Still Reading’s Books of the Year: Part 2 (2015 publications)

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I always have a difficult time choosing my favourite books of the year. There are just so many variables in what makes something a favourite for me! This year I am taking the lead of book bloggers I respect (such as The Writes of Woman) and dividing my list into... Continue Reading →

Inside the O’Briens by Lisa Genova

In brief: The O'Briens are your normal, loving Boston family. Patrick is looking forward to retirement in ten years or so, but his dreams are cut short when he is diagnosed with Huntington's disease. What does this mean for his wife and their four adult children? The good: Emotive and powerful, this book is full... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 23/2/15

The last week was a repeat of the one before and the one before that…work and sleep, work and sleep! I'm looking forward to the long weekend next week. I'm going to read…and sleep! Thanks to Simon & Schuster, I received two lovely books in the mail. As I'm not getting out and about much... Continue Reading →

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