REVIEW: The Art of Friendship by Lisa Ireland

In brief: Libby and Kit have been friends since they were kids. Now Libby is returning to Melbourne, so they can see each other all the time. But have they changed over the last 20 years? The good: It's emotional, thought provoking and a gripping read. The not-so-good: Oh Libby, sometimes I just wanted to... Continue Reading →


Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 16/4/18

So last week was a bit better and as you can see below, I got some reading in too. I also got some lovely books in the mail too! The Art of Friendship by Lisa Ireland (released 24th April) is a book I've been looking forward to for ages! Libby and Kit have been friends since... Continue Reading →

My Memorable Reads of 2017

I started this post a few days before by writing down all my favourite reads of the year. My criteria is simple – which books have stuck in my mind and/or make me exclaim with delight when I see their cover again. The original list stood at 22 – 27.5% of my total books read!... Continue Reading →

The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland

In brief: Four women meet in a weight loss online forum and become good friends. Together, they learn that there's more than weight to happiness in unexpected, sometimes heart-wrenching ways. The good: Fun to read about the different women and their lives, plus I loved the online posts. The not-so-good: I really did not see... Continue Reading →

Feels Like Home by Lisa Ireland

In brief: Jo is a famous author with an even more famous fiancé. Coming back to Linden Gully was never meant to feel like home, but thanks to a reunion with old friends and her first love, it's starting to feel that way. (Read more here). The good: A lovely story, combining both sadness and... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Drought by Lisa Ireland

In brief: Jenna is a city girl through and through, but when she's persuaded to attend a ball in a country town, she realises not everything in the country is bad (especially not Luke Tanner). Read more about the story here. The good: Great characters, interesting storyline, action, romance and danger – all in one... Continue Reading →

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