REVIEW: The Secret Vineyard by Loretta Hill

In brief: Grace's life is messy. Messy divorce, messy kids…well, everything. When her children inherit a property in a wine growing region, she sees it as a way to use the money for a better future. But Gum Leaf Grove has many secrets to show her and her boys… The good: Funny and sweet –... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 11/12/17

Last week is over and that's a good thing. The highlight was receiving and buying some lovely books: The Secret Vineyard by Loretta Hill (released January 2nd) came from the lovely people of Penguin Random House. I really enjoy Loretta's books and I bet this one will be the same. Grace's children inherit a vineyard in... Continue Reading →

The Maxwell Sisters by Loretta Hill

In brief: The Maxwell sisters, once so close, are now divided through distance and disagreements. Can Phoebe's wedding bring the sisters back together? (Read more here). The good: It's a warm and witty story – none of the Maxwell sisters are ever boring. The not-so-good: I really didn't know what to think of Spider (Phoebe's... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 15/12/14

Since my last mailbox, I've been working every day so no time for shopping! (It's good for the wallet though). Fortunately, there are always eBooks available 24/7! I received two titles from Random House via Net Galley to get me through this busy week (Christmas brunches, lunches, drinks and dinner galore). They were: The Girl... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 3/2/14

I really don't know where the last week has gone! I can't even complain about the weather because I was so busy, I don't even remember it! I noticed in my sleepy haze that there are lots of fine February releases out at the shops, but I chose to go home and sleep instead. The... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 28/10/13

Wow, I can't believe this is the last mailbox for October! Thank you to Gina at Book Dragon's Lair for being our host this month. Mailbox Monday, started by Marcia, is the place to share your recent bookish finds. I had a pretty busy week – I did finish several books, but there wasn't much... Continue Reading →

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