10 Domestic Thrillers to Keep You up All Night

As I've mentioned earlier this week, I'm becoming a big fan of domestic noir, or domestic thrillers. These are thrillers that are close to home (or are at home) These are some of my favourites so far (click on the cover to read my review): Sophie Hannah's Spilling CID stories Yes, they involve police but... Continue Reading →

Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

In brief: Hannah's idyllic marriage begins to crack when Mark doesn't return home one night. The subsequent ride is full of twists, turns and things nobody expected. The good: The plot makes some incredible hairpin turns that just can't be predicted, making the book impossible to put down. The not-so-good: Some may dismiss this as... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 10/2/14

I can't say that my mind has been on books too much lately as I've been thinking about holidays and more importantly, where to spend them! I haven't done my usual browsing of bookshops and websites, but I'm hoping to go for a wander to one of my favourite bookstores in town today. Hence, just... Continue Reading →

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