REVIEW: The Godmothers by Monica McInerney

In brief: Eliza’s life hasn’t been easy and now she lives for routine. But her godmothers have a plan to help her escape into the unknown…and find her father. The good: A lovely story. The not-so-good: Eliza didn’t deserve all the hurt! Why I chose it: I enjoy Monica McInerney’s novels. Thanks to Penguin for... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 14/9/20

Another Monday. Only one book finished because I’ve been really busy but I did have a chance to do some browsing! The Godmothers by Monica McInerney (available 29th September) is thanks to Penguin. Eliza’s family life wasn’t great growing up, but she always had her two godmothers. But after a tragic event, Eliza has chosen... Continue Reading →

10 Favourite Reads from 2014

I know that 'best of' 'top 10/50/100' lists have been kicking around the internet since before Christmas, but I've chosen the last day of the year to share with you ten books I read in 2014 that have left a lasting impression. It's also my birthday today so I can do whatever I want. Thank... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 8/9/14

Last week passed by in an even more topsy turvy fashion than the previous week! Due to several factors, I didn't get out to look at books, nor did I get much reading done. Hopefully this week will be back to normal! I did receive some lovely books though. Let's have a look: The first... Continue Reading →

At Home With the Templetons by Monica McInerney

  Monica McInerney writes good, solid books usually combining families in various locations with a bit of romance and drama. In this, At Home With the Templetons doesn’t fail to disappoint. It’s a good book recommendation for your grandmother, mother or sister. The Templetons arrive from England to country Victoria, Australia and take up residence at... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a wonderful day- it's still early here, but below are some pics of the day so far... these weren't for Christmas, but they lasted well into Christmas week! So pretty! the galah family were ready for breakfast... this is the baby galah- he can feed himself now... Merry Christmas from... Continue Reading →

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