REVIEW: The Strokes: The First Ten Years by Cody Smyth

In brief: The Strokes brought rock back to New York and the rest of the world. Here is a picture and essay collection from their first ten years. The good: Reliving the glory days of the first album Is This It. The not-so-good: Knowing that the following ten years didn't have as much. Why I... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Deadliest Enemy by Michael T. Osterholm and Mark Olshaker

In brief: There are many bugs out to cause harm. This book looks at those that have caused big problems for humans, from malaria to influenza. The good: Very interesting and well explained. The not-so-good: The scenario predicted…well, it came true. Why I chose it: I like to be armed with information. Year: 2017 (new... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The 32 Stops by Danny Dorling

In brief: The Central Line, told through statistics about the people who live there. The good: This is a great way to talk statistics. The not-so-good: It's a one sitting book. Why I chose it: Working my way through the Penguin Lines series celebrating 150 years of the Underground. Year: 2013 Pages: 164 Publisher: Penguin... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Influenza by Jeremy Brown

In brief: The flu. Past, pandemic, present and future ideas for tracking and research. The good: Excellent points about the developments in medicine since the 1918 pandemic. The not-so-good: Bit scary reading this at the moment given what is going on. Why I chose it: I wanted information, not speculation from a credible source on... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Buttoned-Up by Fantastic Man

In brief: A look at men wearing buttoned-up shirts – interviews, pictures and why it seems to be an east London thing. The good: Loved the magazine style. The not-so-good: Finished it before the end of my train journey. Why I chose it: Working my way through the Penguin Lines series celebrating 150 years of... Continue Reading →

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