REVIEW: The Charleston Scandal by Pamela Hart

In brief: The story of a young Australian actress trying to make her way in 1920s London. The good: Lovely read with lots of adventure. The not-so-good: Reading the back cover, I expected the scandal to make up more of the plot. Why I chose it: Have loved Pamela Hart’s other historical fiction novels. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 16/11/20

A big week for the letterbox! I got several parcels (surprise books and my orders), which was fantastic. Stories of Hope by Heather Morris arrived from Heather herself! Thank you for the lovely card. Stories of Hope tells the art of listening and the people Heather has met and their stories. When I Come Home... Continue Reading →

Memorable reads of 2018

I simply can't do a best of year list until I know that I'm not going to finish any more books. So even though it may be the start of 2019, here are the books that left a lasting impression on me. I started with 26 books (out of a possible 81) and painstakingly took... Continue Reading →

A Letter from Italy by Pamela Hart

In brief: Rebecca Quinn is determined to make a name for herself as a journalist while in Italy during World War I. When her husband leaves to follow a story, she teams up with Italian-American photographer Alessandro. Together, they deliver stories that are important and heart-wrenching. But what of their relationship? The good: The story... Continue Reading →

The War Bride by Pamela Hart

In brief: When Margaret arrives in Australia after World War I to join her husband, she never dreamed that he wouldn't be there to greet her. But as the truth is revealed, she realises she needs to makle a home for herself in this foreign land. The good: So nice to see Tom (from The... Continue Reading →

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