REVIEW: Accomplished by Amanda Quain

In brief: Georgiana Darcy, reimagined as a teenager in modern America. Still in trouble due to Wickham, and seeking to reclaim her position in high school and with her stern older brother, Fitz. The good: The recognisable names and places in a modern setting. The not-so-good: Georgie was rather boring at times, and ruminated a... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 1/8/22

Another rainy week with a lot going on. I’ve been so tired after work that I’m not sure how I managed to finish two books! Bloomsbury Girls by Natalie Jenner arrived thanks to Allen & Unwin. It’s set in 1950s London in Bloomsbury Books with each of the characters having their own issues in their... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 4/4/22

A very busy week and it’s been so humid too. While I’m in my respirator that gives me chipmunk cheeks, kind people delivered some lovely books: Sister Stardust by Jane Green (available 18th April) arrived from Harlequin. It’s a story inspired by Talitha Getty. Claire crosses paths with Talitha in London, then goes to Marrakesh... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Heaven by Mieko Kawakami

In brief: Eyes is being bullied at school because of his lazy eyes. Kojima is also being bullied, so when she suggests that they become friends, it sounds like a good idea. The good: Kawakami manages to convey so much through just a sentence or two. The not-so-good: The bullying is brutally described. Why I... Continue Reading →

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