City of Friends by Joanna Trollope

In brief: Stacey, Gaby, Melissa and Beth have been friends since their first economics class. On the day Stacey loses her job, the secrets and lies between the four begin to unravel. The good: Each character is unique with a completely different set of problems. The not-so-good: Stacey, you need to talk more! Why I... Continue Reading →

True Colours by Kristin Hannah

In brief: The Grey sisters have always been a team, until a stranger comes to Oyster Shores. Can the sisters forgive or forget, or will it take a lot more? The good: There are hidden depths in this book that made the latter half speed by. The not-so-good: Start is a little slow, I wasn't... Continue Reading →

To the Sea by Christine Dibley

In brief: Just after Christmas, a girl is reported missing, presumed drowned. But this case is nothing like anything DI Tony Vincent has seen before… The good: This book really pulls the reader in to its world – it's not what you think. The not-so-good: It's hard to explain without spoiling big secrets! Why I... Continue Reading →

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