Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 20/11/17

Last week was a bit huge jumble of getting not much done. Once again, I didn't finish any books! (I did start a new one though). Hopefully this week will be more settled and organised, meaning I can finish something! I received three books in the mail: Past Perfect by Danielle Steel (released 28th November) has... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: The Right Time by Danielle Steel

In brief: Alex hasn't had the easiest childhood, but when she starts writing thrillers everyone is astounded at her talent. But the world doesn't know that Alexander Green is really Alexandra Winslow… The good: Danielle Steel's books are always an addictive read. The not-so-good: Poor Alex is really put through the mill! Why I chose... Continue Reading →

The Duchess by Danielle Steel

In brief: Angelique knew that her brother wouldn't take care of her after her father's death, but she didn't expect to go from duke's daughter to servant. After an unfortunate event, Angelique finds business and life in Paris. But will she always be on the fringe? The good: It's got everything you want in a... Continue Reading →

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