Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 11/12/17

Last week is over and that's a good thing. The highlight was receiving and buying some lovely books: The Secret Vineyard by Loretta Hill (released January 2nd) came from the lovely people of Penguin Random House. I really enjoy Loretta's books and I bet this one will be the same. Grace's children inherit a vineyard in... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: The Baby Doctor by Fiona McArthur

In brief: Sienna Wilson doesn't want to leave her high flying obstetrics director position to investigate birth defects in remote Queensland, but needs must. Especially when they come with Sergeant McCabe to help out… The good: This book has everything you need and then some – drama, romance, friendship and happily ever after. The not-so-good:... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Thorns by Kate Forsyth

In brief: The Pre-Raphaelites artists wanted to change the world with their ideas of beauty and love. Their real lives were not quite as beautiful. The good: Learned a lot of history and a good story. The not-so-good: Some pretty convoluted relationships here (thanks history). Why I chose it: Thank you to Penguin Australia for... Continue Reading →

Secrets of the Springs by Kerry McGinnis

In brief: Orla returns home to Emu Springs somewhat reluctantly to settle the affairs of her uncle. She certainly didn't expect to be running the family station for tourists, nor finding out a long hidden secret… The good: Honest and enjoyable, Orla's an interesting character. The not-so-good: This was the first Kerry McGinnis book I've... Continue Reading →

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