REVIEW: Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

In brief: When Lucie meets George in Capri, she dislikes him intensely. Until she doesn't. Years later, George reappears on the scene but Lucie is happily engaged, right? The good: Lovely to indulge in some decadence and armchair travel. The not-so-good: Cecil. I really want to smack him, but I don't think that will help…... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 22/6/20

It's cold. It's winter finally! Hence a little more reading got done – no way am I moving once I'm warm! (And why the photo was taken very quickly). Croc Country by Kerry McGinnis (available 2nd July) arrived from Penguin. finds young widow Tilly caring for injured wildlife. But when the police appear asking questions... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Anna K by Jenny Lee

In brief: An updated version of Anna Karenina, set amongst rich teenagers in New York. The good: It's decadent and intense. The not-so-good: Memories of shopping and going out… Why I chose it: Sounded like fun, thanks to Penguin for the coolest ARC ever. Year: 2020 Pages: 377 (ARC) Publisher: Penguin Setting: Mainly New York... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Riptides by Kirsten Alexander

In brief: Abby and her brother Charlie cause an accident one night. They make the decision to say nothing, but their secret begins to haunt them straightaway. The good: I could feel the humidity seeping through this book as the siblings are caught in their lies. The not-so-good: It was incredibly humid weather reading this... Continue Reading →

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