Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 5/9/22

A very busy week with a hint of spring that has turned back into this winter for the weekend! I am loving the colourful book covers this week! The Happiest Little Town by Barbara Hannay arrived thanks to Penguin. The Burralea Amateur Theatre Group has brought a group of different people together, all with their... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Her Fidelity by Katharine Pollock

In brief: Kathy works in a record store and has done for years. But when things start changing around her, she’s not comfortable. Is it time to change too? The good: Enjoyed the music parts. The not-so-good: Kathy could be a frustrating character at times. Why I chose it: Sounded fun – music and an... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 25/7/22

A very rainy week here – nearly everything is dripping! Fortunately, the books remained dry: Her Fidelity by Katharine Pollock (available 16th August)arrived thanks to Penguin. Kathy has worked at a record store for half her life. Many of her friends have moved on, but Kathy’s stuck in her groove. Should she move forward and... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: French Braid by Anne Tyler

In brief: The story of the Garrett family in all their messy, convoluted glory of relationships, secrets and happiness. The good: It’s Anne Tyler. The not-so-good: It’s always difficult to close the book on Tyler’s characters. Why I chose it: Really enjoy Anne Tyler’s work. Thank you to Penguin for the copy. Year: 2022 Pages:... Continue Reading →

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