My Memorable Reads of 2017

I started this post a few days before by writing down all my favourite reads of the year. My criteria is simple – which books have stuck in my mind and/or make me exclaim with delight when I see their cover again. The original list stood at 22 – 27.5% of my total books read!... Continue Reading →

The Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction: My Wrap-Up

The Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction is announced today. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading my way through the shortlist. I've been exposed to authors that I may not have read and bumped up some of those books that I mean to read some day. But most of all, I've loved reading the variety of... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: From the Wreck by Jane Rawson

In brief: George survives a shipwreck in 1859, but struggles with his life afterwards as an otherworldly creature becomes part of the family, whether he likes it or not. The good: The writing is beautiful, evocative and enigmatic. The not-so-good: The scientist in me tried too hard to figure out a plausible explanation for the... Continue Reading →

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