REVIEW: The Grand Tour Guide to the World

In brief: The companion book to the first series of The Grand Tour, involving three middle aged men, some cars and the world. (Please say the last part in Jeremy Clarkson's voice). The good: It's Clarkson, Hammond and May back together. The not-so-good: Occasionally falls a bit flat. Why I chose it: Cars, explosions, craziness…plus... Continue Reading →

Clarkson, Hammond & May Live: Perth Arena 19th July 2015

I am a big ginormous fan of a television programme that never existed. But even though it never, ever happened (or so the lawyers say), you may have a hazy memory of a show called Top Gear. Where three Englishmen had a load of fun, drove cars in far flung areas and sometimes even reviewed... Continue Reading →

Mini Reviews: February 2010

More mini reviews from prior to the birth of this blog...short but sweet! First Among Sequels: A Thursday Next Novel by Jasper Fforde Starts off a bit slow (a refresher of Thursday's worlds- the Outland and the Book World) but certainly picks up pace soon after. With carpets, cheese and many Thursdays, this book is set... Continue Reading →

The Big Book of Top Gear 2011

The Big Book of Top Gear is becoming somewhat of a Christmas tradition for me. It’s something to relax with after all the festivities and have a few laughs. Unfortunately for me, my 2010 was one long day so I couldn’t sit down with this until some time after. It was worth it though! I’m... Continue Reading →

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