Terms and Conditions by Robert Glancy

In brief: Frank had an accident and has trouble remembering who he was beforehand. As the pieces fall into place, he realises that he's more than a 'terms and conditions' man. The good: So funny with many quotable quotes. The not-so-good: Occasionally lost track of which statement the footnote referenced. Why I chose it: Sent... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 24/2/14

Summer is back with a vengeance here! It's much too hot to do very much at all except read (it's even too hot to walk to the shops at lunchtime). Fortunately, there are quite a few good new releases out and some lovely people sending them to me! Thank you! 2014 means a new home... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 17/2/14

Last week went by really fast and I think some of this one will too. Things seem to be picking themselves out of the summer slump and everyone is back to being busy, busy with holidays long forgotten. Fortunately, this also means that the amounts of new books on the shelves rise! I didn't find... Continue Reading →

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