REVIEW: My Favourite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

In brief: Millie and her guy friends have always been just that – friends. But now they need dates for a fancy university function, so they decide to use a dating app. It seems to work for the boys, but not Millie. But now her alter ego profile has matched with Reid… The good: It’s... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: November 9 by Colleen Hoover

In brief: Fallon meets Ben in extraordinary circumstances the day before she leaves L.A. They pledge to meet every day on November 9, with no contact in between. But as the years go by, it seems Ben may have a few added secrets… The good: The twist and the angst. The not-so-good: Took a little... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Layover by Lacie Waldon

In brief: Ava is on her last trip as a flight attendant before she settles down with her fiancé. But the plane is delayed in Belize, resulting in a layover with her nemesis that changes everything… The good: A different setting and aspect to the rom-com. The not-so-good: Sometimes I felt it needed a bit... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

In brief: Lily Wilder runs treasure hunts in the wilds of Utah, after her beloved ranch was sold. Then her first and only love, Leo, appears on her tour. But this tour will be wilder than anything they can imagine… The good: New Christina Lauren with adventure! Romance! Riddles! The not-so-good: Sometimes the adventure got... Continue Reading →

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