REVIEW: In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

In brief: Mae’s Christmas hasn’t gone well as expected after she discovers it’s the last time she will be in her favourite place – a snowy cabin. Mae just wants to know what will make her happy – and suddenly she’s transported back to the start of her holiday. Every time she makes a wrong... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

In brief: Olive's twin Ami is very lucky. Until she and the rest of her wedding guests get food poisoning. So Olive and best man Ethan have to go on the honeymoon. Only problem is they hate each other… The good: Christina Lauren's books are always fun, funny and delicious. The not-so-good: The angst! Why... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Dirty by Kylie Scott

In brief: The first book in the Dive Bar series sees Lydia escape a doomed wedding only for down on his luck guitarist Vaughan to find her in his bathtub. Both need cheering up – this is definitely not something permanent…right? The good: I liked Vaughan in the Stage Dive series, so it's nice to... Continue Reading →

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