REVIEW: Deep by Kylie Scott

In brief: Lizzy has always had a thing for Stage Dive's bass player Ben. But a night in Vegas leaves her pregnant and even more confused. Ben's not one to be tied down so Lizzy will manage the best she can, alone… The good: It's Stage Dive plus we get to see more of the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: When in Rome by C.J. Duggan

In brief: Sammi is going to surprise everyone, leaping out of her comfort zone to go on a tour in Rome. But when she gets there, nobody is more surprised than her – the tour is awful! Except Marcello, the mysterious local guide… The good: A fun story that combines the horrors of budget travelling... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Play by Kylie Scott

In brief: The second book in the Stage Dive series focuses on the drummer of the rock band, Mal, and his need for a fake girlfriend. The good: So much fun! Sassy and sexy. Plus drummers. The not-so-good: I read this so quickly, I couldn't get enough of Mal. Why I chose it: As Kylie... Continue Reading →

The Road to Hope by Rachael Johns

In brief: Lauren is tired of her reputation of Hope Junction and determined to put things right. But at the same moment, hot locum doctor Tom Lewis arrives in town. Lauren's determined not to break and get out of Hope – but will she? The good: Lovely to see the other side of Lauren, as... Continue Reading →

London Bound by C.J. Duggan

In brief: Kate was planning to go to London to take on the city. She didn't expect to be a virtual prisoner in her nana's house. But when next door neighbour Jack Baker nearly runs her down, things start to change for the better… The good: So much – Jack. London. Fashion. Even grumpy Nana... Continue Reading →

In at the Deep End by Penelope Janu

In brief: Harriet Scott is an environmental activist/teacher with a secret – her fear of water. When she meets Commander Per Amundsen in Antarctic waters, little did she know it would set off a change of events that would have her facing her fears. The good: Excellent characterisation with witty dialogue between Harriet and Per.... Continue Reading →

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