Daintree by Annie Seaton

In brief: The Daintree is the place for some to hide, while others want to exploit it…Emma was looking for a quiet place, but she is disrupted by the return of an old flame and a shocking discovery. The good: Exciting mix of mystery and romance. The not-so-good: Some things were a bit wordy and... Continue Reading →


By Her Side by Lizzy Chandler

In brief: Rory returns home from her travels to find her family in disarray – her grandfather is sick and her half-brother is missing. Could she be in danger too? Will Vince, a reluctant hero, be able to protect her? (Read more here). The good: Loved the multiple mysteries occurring and the friends to lovers... Continue Reading →

Runaway Lies by Shannon Curtis

In brief: Darcy is on the run from her ex-boss, who wants her dead. She didn't think a split second decision to save children from an accident would put her in multi-millionaire Dominic St John's world. How does she continue to hide her identity? (Read the full blurb here). The good: This book is so... Continue Reading →

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