REVIEW: Love Song by Sasha Wasley

In brief: The third book in the series about the Paterson sisters focuses on GP Beth. Sturdy and dependable, her life is thrown into disarray when her first love comes back to town. The good: The return of the familiar setting and introduction of new characters. The not-so-good: Beth is not a risk taker, which... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 20/5/19

It's still autumn but it's incredibly cold here. I've been drinking warm drinks a lot (five cups of coffee yesterday) but my nose and feet are still cold! Whatever I can do outside in the sun, I'm doing. I was really lucky and received six books in the mail (all with pretty blue/gold covers) last... Continue Reading →

More of my favourites from 2018

Yesterday I published my list of my most memorable reads from 2018. In the name of more great reads, I'm following the lead of Australian radio station Triple J. They broadcast their Hottest 100, followed by 101-200 the following day. I'm not sure what to call this list, other than books you should check out!... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: True Blue by Sasha Wasley

In brief: The second book in the Paterson Girls series focuses on Free, an artist, as she negotiates her first job teaching art to teenagers and falling in love. The good: Free really grew on me as a character. The not-so-good: Beth, you need redemption from your (presumably well-meaning) bossiness. Why I chose it: Loved... Continue Reading →

Dear Banjo by Sasha Wasley

In brief: Willow (aka "Banjo") and Tom were inseparable growing up. But one move on one day separated them perhaps forever, until Willow's return to the family station Paterson Downs. Now Willow confronts the letters Tom wrote her all those years ago – can they move on or should they move back? The good: Absolutely... Continue Reading →

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