House of Karls by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

In brief: Dr Karl is back, talking about the spectrum of science from space to cancer in easy to read chapters. The good: Simple to understand for the subjects I'm not an expert in; for the subjects I'm pretty good at, he references back to the primary literature. The not-so-good: Some things I wanted more... Continue Reading →

50 Shades of Grey Matter by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

A quick rundown… Dr Karl covers a wide range of topics in this nerd sexy book from hiccups to black holes to marshmallows. Strengths: Fun, interesting and easy to understand. Can be read in short bursts. Weaknesses: Some topics I would have liked to know more (but there is an excellent bibliography). Why I read... Continue Reading →

Scandalous by Tilly Bagshawe

A quick rundown… A scandal with her professor causes Sasha to desert the physics world and seek revenge. Strengths: Makes science sexy, interesting characters and a fast paced plot. Weaknesses: The thought of physics might put some off. There's very little science, I promise. Why I read it: Tilly's books are always entertaining. Pages: 406... Continue Reading →

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