REVIEW: Immune by Dr Servaas Binge

In brief: All about immunity in an interesting, easy to read way – and yes, it includes COVID-19. The good: The microbiology chapter was so easy to understand. The not-so-good: Would have loved more on microbiology. Why I chose it: Thanks to Scribe, who know I like to read medical non-fiction. Year: 2022 (2020 in... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 2/5/22

A good week for reading, as it rained quite a bit! However, the end of the week was rather busy, picking up the pieces of several things. People Person by Candice Carty-Williamswas from Hachette. It’s about Dimple Pennington and her four half siblings. They aren’t really in touch until a catastrophic event occurs and their... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 6/7/20

We've been doing our spring cleaning a little early here, despite apparently being in the depths of winter! Stuff is everywhere, including books. That doesn't stop me adding to the pile though – If I Can't Have You by Charlotte Levin (available 14th July) arrived from Pan Macmillan. Constance develops an infatuation with a colleague,... Continue Reading →

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