REVIEW: Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang

In brief: Seven linked stories of varying length about life in New York City for the children of immigrants. The good: It's raw, blunt and graphic. No sugar coating here – it's sour! The not-so-good: Is this really what kids get up to these days? (Which makes me Officially Old™ if I'm wondering). Why I... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Australia Day by Melanie Cheng

In brief: A debut collection of short stories about Australians from a number of different viewpoints and characters. The good: Celebrates the multicultural life in Australia. The not-so-good: Not all of Australia is as open as we would like to think it is. Why I chose it: Part of the shortlist for the Readings Prize... Continue Reading →

Almost Sincerely by Zoe Norton Lodge

In brief: The stories of a childhood in inner-suburban Sydney will have you laughing, snorting and recognising a few familiar scenes from your own childhood. The good: Funny, witty and a perfect winter read (as in you can't move from the couch until you've finished it). The not-so-good: It wasn't quite a weekend's worth of... Continue Reading →

Mothers Grimm by Danielle Wood

In brief: Four short stories about motherhood, loosely based on fairy tales – but don't look for happy endings here. The good: It's brutally honest about the less than stellar aspects of motherhood. The not-so-good: Do not give this to your pregnant friend! Why I chose it: From the kind folks at Allen & Unwin... Continue Reading →

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness by Richard Yates

In brief: Eleven short stories from this talented writer, with loneliness as the focus. The good: Many varied takes on the theme, plus I liked this historical aspect of how tuberculosis was treated. The not-so-good: Some stories were stronger than others. Why I chose it: Really enjoy Richard Yates' writing. Year: 2008 (original 1962) Pages:... Continue Reading →

Revenge by Yoko Ogawa

A quick rundown… Eleven stories all linked together featuring love, loss, anger and revenge. Strengths: It's amazing how tangled up the stories are with each other, from motifs to characters to events. Weaknesses: A bit eerie at times! Why I read it: Sent to me by Random House – thank you! Pages: 162 Published: 2013... Continue Reading →

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